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The Delaware State Grange Mutual Fire Insurance Company was incorporated by the Delaware State Legislature in Dover March 13, 1877. Originally, only farm homes, outbuildings and livestock were covered and only for Grange members. The first policy was issued on January 1, 1880. The company was opened to other than Grange Members on January 15, 1889. At the January 23, 1904 meeting the board decided to begin using reinsurance. In February 1924 the company obtained a perpetual charter and began writing property in various towns. For many years the company operated out of the executive Secretary’s home. In 1993 the company set up a permanent office in Dover Delaware and hired its first full time employee. In 1998 the company became a full mutual company and shortened its name to Delaware Grange Mutual Insurance Company.

Delaware Grange Mutual continues to operate with its main mission of providing a market to Delawareans for products not effectively provided by the larger companies. However, as with most businesses, the Company’s long range plans include growth. The Company continues to add products to its portfolio and effectively competes in the general marketplace.

The Company offers its products throughout Delaware through the independent agency system. A list of agents can be found on this website. If you have a situation which requires a unique approach to provide needed coverage, please have your agent talk to one of our underwriters.


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